Sellers FAQs

Sellers FAQs

Do I Need A ‘For Sale’ Board When Selling A Property?

It is not obligatory, however many buyer enquiries come from people who have seen a ‘for sale’ sign on a property Because of the increased visibility that it can bring for your property, we do strongly recommend it. We will always check to ensure that we are permitted to display a board in your grounds or on your building.

How Can I Present My Property In The Best Possible Light When I’m Selling It?

As first impressions play a big part in selling your property, it is important to:

  • Think like a buyer – look at your property through a buyers’ eyes and identify areas that you think requires improvement.
  • Reduce clutter and decorate neutrally – keep rooms and surfaces clean and tidy, and décor neutral. This will allow the buyer to visualise the space with their own furniture and belongings.
  • Keep it light – clean the windows and open all the curtains to encourage natural light into your property.
  • Consider the exterior – the outside of your property plays a big part in a buyers first impressions. Well cared for and maintained outside spaces will help to make a great first impression.

For more information, see our guide to selling.

Should I Have An Open Day?

An open day is when a property is marketed through viewings and buyers are invited to view the home in one day rather than spread out over a few weeks. You don’t have to have an open day but it usually allows you to sell your property more quickly with interested buyers submitting their offers via sealed bid and the best offer wins.

Sell Your Property with David Astburys

It is important that before selling your property, you understand its current market value. A property valuation will provide a guide price…

Should I Pay For A Property Valuation?

There are different ways to obtain a property valuation. If you are selling a property, we will not charge you to estimate a market value of your property. If you are buying a property and require a mortgage, your mortgage lender will carry out a mortgage valuation. This is a basic survey of a property to assess its value and suitability for a mortgage. Additionally, when you are buying a property you may want to carry out a more in depth valuation and instruct surveyors to complete a homebuyer’s report or building survey.

What Is An Open Day?

An open day is when a property is marketed through viewings and buyers are invited to view the home in one day rather than spread out over a few weeks.As you will only have a short time to view the property, it is very important to do your homework on the property and the area before the viewing. Study the floor plan, walk around the area and consult your mortgage broker beforehand. Use the viewing to ensure the home is to your liking whilst looking for any defects, as usually, there is not time for a second viewing before you submit best and final offers.

What Legal Documents Do I Need When Selling A Property?

A property for sale requires a number of legal documents to be produced, including:

  • Property title deeds.
  • Local authority searches.
  • Draft contract to the buyer.
  • Leasehold document.

For more information on selling your property please take a look at our guide to selling.