Report A Repair

Reporting a repair

If your property is managed by David Astburys you can report a repair in the following ways:

– By telephone on 020 300 6787
 – By email to
– By submitting a request Online.

If you need to report an emergency please call us during office hours on 020 3000 6787.

Emergency Repair

When our office is closed, you can call our out of office emergency number on 07401 381 598

If the problem is not deemed to be an emergency then you will be held liable for the call out charge.

Here are some useful numbers in the event that you experience an emergency maintenance problem outside of office hours:

If you smell gas, call National Grid on – 0800 111 999

If you have a Power Cut call UK Power Networks on – 0800 31 63 105 or 105


Please note that prior to an electrician attending, you will need to have checked the fuse box to ensure that the switches have not simply tripped. If you have an electricity power cut or local cable emergency, you will also need to contact your local electricity network operator to ensure they have not turned it off in the street/building.

Broken windows or doors following a break-in:

You MUST report any break-ins or attempted break-ins to the police in the first instance and obtain a crime reference number. Please be sure to make them aware of any damage so that they can have this noted on their records.

A contractor will attend to temporarily board up the window/door and make the property safe. They would then re-attend during working hours to replace any glass to the window/door as deemed necessary. Please note, if it is NOT deemed to be an emergency and an engineer has been called to attend out of normal working hours then the cost of the additional charge will be borne by yourself.

Water Leaks:

Serious leak/minor/slow leak:

If a leak is coming from your property causing ongoing damage to the property – turn off water supply and call 07401 381 598 immediately.

Switch off electrics if the water leak is near lights or power outlets.

If water is coming from an upstairs property, alert the occupants above immediately and ask them to shut off the source of the leak. If they are not in, leave them a note to contact you. If your building has a concierge/building manager, please inform them as well.

If you are on the top floor or if the leak is coming from within the flat call the emergency number on 07401 381 598. Please make sure you place bucket or bowl underneath the leak if possible, also shut off any appliance that uses the water system such as the washing machine and electric shower.

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