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David Astburys Estate Agents

David Astburys Estate Agents is an independent estate agent located in Crouch End. Our four founding partners came together with a unified mission; to build the number one estate agent in the area. Our ethos is to be an estate agent that is professional, trustworthy and flexible. At David Astburys Estate Agents, we are prepared to tailor our service to every clients needs.

Our founders, being local residents themselves, have extensive knowledge of the area and between them, have gained 35 years of corporate experience. Starting from the ground up with just a phone, pen and paper, they combined old school teachings with training and skills gained from the corporate world to offer David Astbury clients the best of both worlds.

We believe that the excessive red tape found at larger estate agency chains, takes valuable time away from clients. By eliminating this, we can dedicate more time to our clients, assist with every stage of the process and provide a more personalised service specific to their individual needs. Our goal at David Astburys Estate Agents is not to be the biggest agency in the world, but to be the very best in our area and to give the local community a reliable estate agent with an already well established and knowledgeable team that is passionate about every client and property.

In an industry, notorious for high levels of labour turnover, we boast a strong, stable and experienced team who are regularly trained in all aspects, from shifts in market trends to legislation and technology. In doing so we can assure our clients that at David Astburys, they will always receive the highest level of knowledge and service.

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Inspiration behind the name

The name David was inspired by a mutual mentor of our founding partners. A respected figure in the field, he helped and supported each of them from the start of their careers in the property industry. His work ethic and knowledge continue to influence them today.

David played a big role in the continued growth and development of our founders careers, helping them improve on several aspects including; knowledge, professionalism and mindset.

It is no secret that there are many cases of bad practice throughout the estate industry but it is also important to note that not all agents are the same and should not be tarred with the same brush. Davids expertise and valuable insights allowed us to understand how an estate agency should be run in order to secure its stability and longevity. His willingness to pass on his wisdom and knowledge was vital in building the business we have today.

We work by the mantra ‘success does not come to you, you go to it’ and that means working hard for our landlords, our tenants and ourselves. The relationship between a client and agent is based on trust and honesty, hard work, shared goals and understanding. David Astburys strives continually to maintain and enhance this relationship.

The name Astburys was inspired by the diaries of William Copeland Astbury which described in detail, the history of Crouch End and surrounding areas.
Excerpt from William Copeland Astburys Diary:

“Crouch End remained rural until around 1880. Large parts remained in private ownership, inhibiting development. However, the development of the railway changed the area significantly. By 1887 there were seven railway stations in the area. Crouch End became a prosperous middle-class suburb due to an influx of mainly clerical workers who could easily commute to the city. The large old houses were replaced by comfortable middle-class housing, public parks were created, and a number of new roads and avenues, such as Elder Avenue and Weston Park, were laid out.”

Despite the vast changes in Crouch End, its people have continued to take pride in their community. It is one of the few places in Greater London that have thrived despite losing many transport links and having only one remaining railway station.

Over the years, Crouch End has been highly influenced by music and art with many poets and musicians working in the area and most importantly, it has retained its village like charm with plenty of, cafes, parks and outdoor spaces making it the ideal place for families with children.